Investigative Reporting

After a yearlong investigation I broke the story on teacher incentive bonuses based solely on test scores, one upwards of $43,000, at New Beginnings Schools Foundation. The CEO has since reformulated the bonus system.

In-depth coverage of Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans:

An in-depth analysis of Lycee’s legal fees revealed that thousands were paid to attorneys handling public records requests; something experts say undermines the public, as attorneys will be inclined to protect their client rather than the law.

Lycee appeared to skirt open meetings law as they narrowed down a list of potential new board members via email and without public discussion. After our objection, applicants were narrowed down through public discussion at open meetings and interviews were held in public as well.

Lycee paid two former CEO's thousands of dollars after their resignations: more than $10,000 was paid to the CEO who resigned in November 2012 and the school's audit revealed that more than $30,000 was paid to the CEO who resigned in April 2012, neither with board approval.

After covering a Lycee board meeting in December 2012, the board strategically dismissed enough members to drop below a quorum and kicked members of the press out of the school. I publicly objected, but was told to leave once again. A move experts said "violates the spirit" of state open meetings law.

Spring of 2010 UW-Madison Journalism School course: Investigative Journalism
The course was taught in collaboration with the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
Completed a semester-long project researching asthma in the state.