Bamboo grows wild in the Kenyan rain-forest, and only a small section of rain-forest was left by the British.  I wanted to capture the lush green and unique patterns of this plant up close.

 A Kenyan showed us his tea crop in rural Kenya.  The government-controlled tea market means low wages for industry workers and long hours.  I wanted to show the man's hand in comparison to the amount of land he must collect tea leaves from to meet the needs of his family.

 This desert scene reminds me of the intense drought the country was experiencing while I lived there.

 Kenya has diverse topography.  This land near a river remained healthy enough throughout the drought to support this family's crop and cattle.

 A lioness on the savanna above, and below, two lions.  Lions are a rare find on safari, especially during the dry season when they are less active and prey is scarcer.

 Sports Photography
Photos taken while working at Empire Photography and used with permission.
 High school baseball game in Wisconsin.  I shot this horizontally to capture the pitchers stance as he released the ball.  I kept his teammate in the background to add depth and perspective.
 High school softball player at-bat.  In order to capture action in the batters box, I worked from the against the inside of the fields fence.
High school triple jump athlete in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  I love to capture athlete's expressions as they compete.  For this photo I set up at the end of the sand pit.

 Urban Photography
Minneapolis skyline from Hennepin Ave bridge.